Sorry 😔

I am so sorry because I didn’t blog in couple days. I was so Bussy these days and could not blog 😦 
 But the great news is that I got my packages :)! One is from China and there I bought : the pink passport case, the pink lipstick and Keychain. And the other one is from Germany and there I bought : my black leather handbag , my iPhone 5s case cherry blossom and from Mac some Lady gaga lipstick 🙂  


Snow is gone and it feels like spring is around the corner so my idea was to post some fashion tips for spring 🌸 I hope that you would love to see that 🙂 
But for today I will show you what I got and I will se you really soon 🌸


4 reaktioner på ”Sorry 😔

  1. Hello like your blog. Maybey you van Do youtube blog too and show fr.o.m. The webbside you order this. Thaks and lots of Love :))


    1. Thank you so much I am happy that you enjoy my blog. Share it with some of your friends to 🌸 I was thinking about it actually. But maybe soon I will open a YouTube channel. 🌸 I will do later on the day more blogs 🌸


      1. Yeah that gould be great 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 i Love fashions vlogs. I wish you a great day, enjoy Love! :))



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