No air!!

Sorry for a long no blogging I have so many things to do and I couldn’t blog anything. Then I had a big problem with my camera so I didn’t have anyone so I could not film anything. 

But today I went to the hotel today for a dinner with my fiancé and then I saw in another room that it was a lot with people and so many wallpapers about many companies. So I just went in and then.. Be heart stops! I could not breath! Because I saw this !!!  

 Do you see how amazing the ceiling is?? I really want that one but that is something I would get in my imagination  😦 

But I was happy that I could take a picture and share it with you :)! 🌸🎀🎀


Skincare 🎀

  This is what I use to clean my face with 🙂 it haves 3 brushes : hard, medium and soft. And it gives me really soft and smooth skin :)! And it cost 10€ and you need 2 batteries and ready to use even in the shower 🌸🎀
  The soft one : I use with my facial cleanser from Loreal Paris  
 The medium – I use it with my facial scrub from Loreal Paris and clearsil.  

 And the hard one – I use with my facial cream also from Loreal Paris.

I get some acnes and break downs , red skin but after using this ”spa treatments ” I see some differents. And the result is really good :)! 


A new video is up when I take you around a rainy day :). I hope that you will enjoy the video and soon there will be another video 🙂 and my plan was to upload 2 video in one week 🙂 and I hope that you will love it 🎀🎀 

Today I was home and watched some video and fresh prince (old childhood memories ) and then I’ve making this video for you so I hope you will love it 👼 how was your day? 

Tomorrow I will working for the new video and blog 🙂 🎀🎀se you tomorrow  


In love!🎀

So today I got so many lovely stuff in the mail. Some clothes , makeup , handbag and a lovely keychain 😍 I love it and it’s amazing. And also I am working on some videos that will be up this weekend. I am sorry that I didn’t upload in a week but I had many things to do. But as a sorry ”present ” there will be two video instead of one :)! How good isn’t that 😇 

And the weather is good so it’s perfect to record a video outside 🙂 

How is the weather at your place? 🙂 

See you tomorrow 🎀🌸

Logo is Done !! 

I’ve made my logo done and I hope that later I can do a better one 🙂 but for now I am really happy with this one, and also I am working on my new video so I can not upload it now but next week there will be a new one 🙂 sorry for the wait but I hope you will understand it 🙂 

And finally I can shot some videos outside! 🙂 🌸🎀 


Nail polish 

My day started actually really good, my fiancé woke me up and then Maya wanted to say god morning also. Then it was breakfast time and today I am wearing a black tights , white fluffy shirt, me everyday go to brown shoes and my long scarf 🙂 We went to the car wash because the car was little dirty. 
And I will receive  my yellow nail polish that I have actually hard to find in cosmetics store 😦 so I went online and found the perfect yellow nail polish that I wanted :)! It will be perfect now that it’s spring :)! 

What are your favourite nail polish for the spring ? 🙂 Hope you will get a great day also 🙂 se you really soon 🌸🎀🌸🎀