Tomorrow,, finally,,  it’s here. My brand new iPhone will arrive. I have been waiting for it now in 2 days. I know that it isn’t to long time to wait but for me it feels like it was a week ago that I bought it haha 😊.
And finally it’s also Friday that means :Asian package will arrive! with  Asian beauty products and clothes yay 🙂

I didn’t do that much today, I was reading a book and later I was fixing my gel nails. And then Maya decided that she wanted to play with me.

And that was it.. I will se you tomorrow with some pictures of my Asian package. 
Bye 👋  🙂



Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Aleksandra and I will post about my daily life and also about fashion. I know that my blog isn’t finish yet, but I will fix it really soon :).  But in the meantime you can feel free to follow me on Instagram :   Aleksandra.s93                                                         

My morning today- I woke up at 7:30 because I did some breakfast and my boyfriend went to his job. Maya (our kitten) started to chasing my feet,and then she run into her little basket and fell asleep.I went to bedroom and  then it happened, I decided to make my own blog  🙂  because I love to write and I know that my English isn’t good but I will try my best 🙂 and I want also to shear my passion for fashion and I hope that you will love it 🙂                                                                  Now I will go and try to fix something more on my blog but I will see you really soon :3